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Investment Philosophy

What is commonly a problem: Choose one or many:

  • Not clearly understanding the difference between asset location and asset allocation
  • Lack of Diversification
  • Chasing Performance and reacting to emotionally charged changes
  • Lack of portfolio maintenance (failure to rebalance)
  • Inappropriate asset allocation

For these reasons it’s important to understand these foundations and other principles that guide Investment Advisor “fiduciaries”, and how they are designed to lead to long term success

The “Prudent Investor Rule” requires a fiduciary to consider the following:

  • Duty to consider taxes
  • Duty to consider fees
  • Duty to be loyal, impartial, and objective
  • Duty to delegate to experts
  • Duty to monitor

With those in mind, when we recommend investments, we believe…

  1. Successful portfolio management is suited for the long term.
  2. Asset Allocation is one of the most important elements in constructing personal portfolios.
  3. A global equity-based portfolio may provide a good opportunity for long term wealth.
  4. Proper diversification can help reduce risk while allowing you to participate in market returns.
  5. We believe that both passive and active investment management can lead to reduced overall expenses.
  6. We believe in re-balancing portfolios.
  7. We consider tax effects on portfolios and stress after-tax returns.
  8. We believe that clients need investments that consider their unique tax situation

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