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What Makes Us Different?

Client Centered

Do you find money or dealing with your finances complicated? It doesn’t have to be with our integrated and collaborative process designed to find your fundamental values about money and to align those with your goals while creating the objectives to help you prepare and manage your financial life more clearly.

At NLAWM we believe that our industry needs to be fixed. Everyone talks about how much money you need at retirement. The more important question is “Are you managing your finances in a way that allows you to live the best life possible?” A much more effective approach based on your Return on Life (ROL™). The result of this ROL approach is that you realize your money is there to serve you and to focus on your own definition of success.

This important ROL process is a true alternative in this industry. Once you’ve discovered your ROL and you’ve outlined potential future life transitions, we begin your planning process successes that will be in alignment with your goals.

Steps - The Deliverables - (Activity responsibilities)

Step 1) Complete “life-centered” needs and risk assessment (Clients)

Step 2) Review Return on Life (ROL™) assessment (Advisors / Clients)

Step 3) Perform Investment risk tolerance assessment (Clients)

Step 4) Organize your Financial data and analysis (Advisors / Clients)

Step 5) Identify lifestyle, legacy, and charitable giving goals to match life’s transitions (Advisors / Clients)

Step 6) Develop short- and long-term strategies to match your transitions and pursue your goals (Advisors)

Step 7) Select appropriate accounts for insurance and investments (Advisors)

Step 8) Allocate accounts, assets and construct portfolios (Advisors / Clients)

Step 9) Consult and manage with subject matter experts where needed (Advisors / Clients)

Step 10) Proactively monitor, assess and evaluate progress toward your goals (Advisors)