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Your Next Level

Level 1, 2 or 3: Understanding your unique needs

Level 1)  Situational Clients

  • Recommendations to be addressed based on your specific needs

Level 2) Investor Clients

  • Market volatility tolerance decisions based on your Personal Risk Budget
  • Recommendations for proper asset allocation, portfolio construction and management
  • Creating strategies to help you meet your goals and objectives

Level 3) Wealth Management/Financial Planning Clients

  • Next Level style wealth management and planning
  • Bringing the human element to your money – aligning your values to finances.
  • An alternative to the usual - “3 Hats” method
  • Big picture financial life view including all aspects (desires, wishes, wants, needs, aligning your money with your values)

Your Next Level Planning approach: How does it work?

Our Disciplined Discovery process : Your Core Values, Your Goals - Your Financial Life

  1. Return on Life (ROL™) assessment review
  2. Financial organization and data analysis
  3. Perform “life-centered” needs and risk assessment
  4. Perform Investment risk tolerance assessment
  5. Identify lifestyle, legacy, and charitable giving goals to match life’s transitions
  6. Develop short- and long-term strategies to match your transitions and pursue your goals
  7. Select appropriate accounts for insurance and investments
  8. Allocate accounts, assets and construct portfolios
  9. Consult and manage with subject matter experts where needed
  10. Proactively monitor, assess and evaluate progress toward your goals